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T世家-冷泡茶 | Tradition Cold Brew Tea

●  公司名稱:桔揚股份有限公司   ●  品牌名稱:世家冷泡茶、世家抹茶粉   ●  設計服務:包裝識別   ●  品牌類別:食品業



「T Tradition」advocates no excess packaging, only sincere tea, together bring you taste the best tea. Therefore, we design this series of package with simplicity Japanese style, using the blank shape cold tea and fresh taste impression, calligraphy font selection to let the whole package a bit Zen. And the use the Chinese “cold” word to emphasize the significance of cold tea, and shaping the moist image of tea leaf in the cup echoed. Matcha then emphasized that the raw materials is imported from Japan, so we design the package with imagery of tea powder convoluted from the Japanese tea ceremony, truthfully presenting the brand which only retention original fratures.

銷售據點:各大百貨通路 (家樂福、全聯、頂好…等)皆有販售