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蜂蜜飲品專門 | Bebee – 室內空間設計


●  公司名稱:蜂人有限公司●  品牌名稱:Bebee   ●  設計服務:品牌系統建構/策略導入/包裝識別/室內空間  ●  品牌類別:食品業

簡單的甜 自然的蜜  Simple and Sweet


With the spirit of「Being Bee」, we carefully selected the natural golden honey and wish to spread happiness the idea of 「Simple and Sweet」through every cup of honey beverage.
The brand image is combined with Bee and the brand name, adopt simple lines design, showing a simple and fresh visual sense, the bee images are stacked together to representing the intersection of the beekeeper’s heart. With a grateful heart taking care of the bees, insist on the original natural honey for consumer.
“Be.bee” mean to live like a bee with the spirit of perseverance, using the small force, carrying the task of ecological cycle, and work hard for the next generation.


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