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皮寬茶包裝 X 宋陸羽 | PeaQuin X Song Lu Yu


●  公司名稱:赫思西亞品牌創意有限公司  ●  品牌名稱:PeaQuin X Song Lu Yu   ●  設計服務:品牌系統建構/策略導入/包裝識別   ●  品牌類別:食品業    ●  獲獎紀錄:2017 IF Design Award



Song LuYu, the tea culture passed down from the Song Dynasty, co-operate with the original cultural & creative brand “Peaquin” from Taiwan to stimulate creativity between tradition and modernity.  Intimate and elegant hand-painted style, to jump out from the traditional packaging design of tea products, leading consumers to relieve satisfaction from the different industry alliance, experience “The persistence of every good tea”  We improved the packaging structure from the traditional tea cans, the design is more convenient to take the tea bags, also reusable to enhance the environmental benefits of packaging.