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心栽茶茶禮盒 | THRONE TEA

●  公司名稱:旺達自然農法商行  ●  品牌名稱:手採好味.心栽茶禮盒   ●  設計服務:品牌系統建構 / 策略導入 / 包裝識別   ●  品牌類別:食品業
●  獲獎紀錄:2015臺灣OTOP產品設計獎 包裝設計 入圍 / 2015金點設計獎 包裝設計 入圍



The organic black tea from Nantou City was grown with the power of nature and the Hakka spirit in the unique tea growing environment.  Hoping that flashing red color and rich aroma of black tea, can ease the daily pace of compact, brings warmth and vitality in life.
The visual was design with traditional engraved prints, represent the local historical trajectory. The Fortress and the chinese traditional dragon tell endless vitality, showing the strong and hard-working tough of Hakka spirit. The combination of traditional forms monochrome prints and the use of complex mediums, hand made reflect the vitality and the attitude of life – “Hakka cultural heritage and return to the beginning of the heart”

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