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大智澈見 | VIMC


●  公司名稱:大智澈見國際管顧公司  ●  品牌名稱:大智澈見 VIMC  ●  設計服務:品牌系統建構/策略導入/室內空間  ●  品牌類別:製造業

Building Successful Business with Clear Vision

大智澈見以智者最圓滿的智慧,引導清淨的正見,作為發展的核心價值,強調提供課程輔導企業走向真正的幸福之路。以社會責任為發展主軸,因此透過口號「Go Happiness」及「Building Successful Business with Clear Vision」更強調公司的宗旨及性質。

品牌以「大智澈見」英文名稱「Vision International Management Consulting」縮寫「VIMC」為品牌標誌主體設計。圖像概念為協助企業發展、提升價值,亦蘊藏著秉持共同成長的服務理念。使用簡潔俐落的湛藍色與線條結合二維立體折線圖,代表著穩健中不斷成長!「i」則代表以人為本,引導企業走向幸福康莊大道為目標。

VIMC guide to the correct direction with the wise wisdom
, as the core value of development, and emphasizing the provision of courses to counseling companies to the road of real happiness. Social responsibility for the development of the main axis, through the slogan “Go Happiness” and “Building Successful Business with Clear Vision” to be more emphasis on the company’s purpose.

The Brand logo was mainly design with VIMC – Vision International Management Consulting. And the image concept means the enhancement of value, and also hidden uphold the common growth of the service concept. Present with simple and neat blue and lines combined with two-dimensional line chart, representing the steady growth! “I” is based on people-oriented, and guide enterprises to the well-being of the road as the goal.

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