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北回化學 | MXBON

●  公司名稱:北回化學(台灣)股份有限公司   ●  品牌名稱:北回化學   ●  設計服務:品牌系統建構 / 策略導入 / 包裝識別   ●  品牌類別:製造業


MX譯為最大、BON譯為黏接力,由二個英文單字的組合而來,象徵著MXBON以專業製造、嚴格品管、交貨迅速、價格合理,成為亞洲最大瞬間接著劑的製造廠。創於1994,北回化學是國內外消費性和工業市場性領先的專業氰基丙烯酸酯瞬間接著劑製造商。北回化學研發團隊專精於特殊功能性無溶劑型接著劑之研發,並設計提供更方便、更安全的容器給消費者選擇,頗獲好評。北回的設計小組擁有源源不絕的創意與專業能力。我們將持續著重於新產品的研發 與更實惠的包裝解決方案。

MX translated maximum, BON translated sticky relay, by a combination of two English words come to symbolize MXBON professional manufacturing, strict quality control, prompt delivery, reasonable prices, has become Asia’s largest manufacturer of instant and then. Founded in 1994, it is home to the North back to the chemical nature of consumer and industrial markets of the leading professional cyanoacrylate instant adhesive manufacturer. North back to the chemical R & D team specializes in development of special functional agents then the solvent-free and is designed to provide more convenient and more secure containers to consumers, quite well received. North back to the design team has an endless supply of creative and professional competence. We will continue to focus on new product development and more affordable packaging solutions.

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FAX: 886-5-220 3720